If you are interested in leasing a unit at Priory Meadow, please speak to one of our appointed letting agents. For a list of available units please click here.



Dan Simms 020 7344 6869 Dan.Simms@colliers.com

Hal Clarke 020 7344 6920 Hal.Clarke@colliers.com

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Promotional Space

For information regarding mall space opportunities e.g. Retail Merchandising Units, please contact Forum Centre Space on 020 7043 4626 or email Annabel@forumcentrespace.co.uk

If you would like to discuss with Centre Management in the first instance, or if the request is for community use, please contact Stacey Bell (Centre Manager) or Gill Green on 01424 718049; email gill.green@priorymeadow.com or stacey.bell@priorymeadow.com

Poster Sites For 6 sheet poster sites and toilet door advertising please call Adrian Rogers on 07977 413999 or email him at Adrian.Rogers@positive mediamarketing.co.uk. View website www.positivemediamarketing.co.uk

Digital Screens For 6 sheet digital screens please contact Owen Long on 0121 270 8550 or email olong@elonex.com